Startup File Change Because of Virus Scanner Interference

SivDM.exe(startupfile) in SivDM executes a jar and it is alarmed as a Trojan by Norton and McAfee virus scanners. They quarantine the exe as well. So to avoid these interference and to prove our hands are clean; it is replaced with a simple batch file named SivDM.bat

Also the feature requests along with D6 are on the way…. Your suggestions/comments are always welcome



2 Responses to “Startup File Change Because of Virus Scanner Interference”

  1. Mahidhar Says:

    Hi Siva

    Thanks for this immediate change. Even I also got the same issue, recently. I found 1 more issue. Can u please help me. Firing a DQL Query results all attributes perfectly only if they are non repeating. For e.g I have an attribute that is repeated attribute, but when dql executed the attribute only shows 1 value of the set of values it has, as it is a repeating attribute. Is there any remedy for this. Reply is appreciated. My mail id is

    Mahidhar Ch

  2. Sai Says:

    Hi Siva,
    Thanks for the tool.Its very helpful.I was just wondering,if there is a way to export only current documents with renidition from a folder..

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