SivDM- Documentum Manager

What is SivDM-Documentum Manager?

SivDM is a single window application to work with Documentum Repositories easier than ever. It is a handy tool to perform a plenty of Documentum tasks easily and accurately. Also a good add on for development/administration/support. And it is the best tool for Documentum Novices. See the feature list for complete funtionalities of the application

Features of SivDM

1. Query Interface with query history of current session

2. Operate on repository objects with “Select” statement

  • Delete
  • Export Meta data as XML
  • View Dump progressively by double clicking object id
  • View Content with Native Application
  • View the folder path
  • Update meta-data easier than ever
  • View Renditions
  • View Relations
  • View Versions

3. Organize favorite queries

4. Tree View of the Repository object types

  • Save ‘Repository type view’ as image

5. View object type description and Hierarchy

6. XML Content Manipulation

  • Test XDQL statements
  • Check wellformness of XML content
  • XSLT on local files
  • XSLT on Repository files

7. DQL/API Script Generator

  • Apply acl
  • Create group/role
  • Destroy group/role
  • Add/remove users to group
  • Create ACL
  • Create Folder
  • Create Job
  • Create Method
  • Create Format
  • Grant/Revoke permissions to/from users
  • Create repeating scripts

8. Script Execution – Run DQL, API and EBS scripts

  • View the log results of execution
  • Execute in current login Repository or other

9. Reverse Engineering – Extract objects as scripts for migration across Repositories

  • Taxonomy structure
  • ACL
  • Jobs and Methods
  • Groups and Sub groups

10. Folder Management

  • Bulk Import/Export
  • Delete folder with objects
  • Create folder
  • Single File import
  • Navigate the whole repository

11. Document Management

  • Delete
  • Export Meta data as XML
  • View Dump progressively by double clicking object id
  • View Content with Native Application
  • View the folder path
  • Update meta-data easier than ever
  • View Renditions
  • View Relations
  • View Versions

12. User/Group information

13. Send Mail notification to the Documentum users/groups

14. Easy API – Use API without knowing commands

  • Document tasks

1. Assign ACL

2. Attach Lifecycle

3. Checkin

4. Checkout

5. Count Attributes

6. Demote

7. Destroy

8. Detach Lifecycle

9. Force Destroy

10. Get Path

11. Link to Folder

12. Lock

13. Mark

14. Promote

15. Remove Unwanted Versions

16. Unlink from Folder

17. Unlock

18. Unmark

  • Lifecycle tasks

1. Install

2. Uninstall

3. Validate

4. Dump

  • Workflow Template Tasks

1. Install

2. Uninstall

3. Invalidate

4. Validate

  • Workflow Tasks

1. Halt

2. Abort and destroy

3. Restart

4. Pause

5. Resume

6. View Dump

  • Work item Tasks

1. Acquire

2. Complete

3. Pause

4. Resume

  • Execute SQL

15. Repository Statistics/Metrics (Generate Reports)

  • Connection Info
  • Disk Space
  • Document Count
  • Folder Info
  • Format Info
  • Orphans
  • Session Info
  • Store Info

16. Excel/RTF/Html Reports

17. Bar and Pie Charts for analysis

18. Save Login Profiles for later use.

Installation of SivDM

Current version supports 5.2 to 5.3 SP6 Repositories. D6 version will be available soon. Download the zip from below link (Image) and unzip the file to use it. Check the DFC and java are installed properly in your machine.

Splash screen

Note: This link is not permanent. Soon I am moving this application to as Open source based on your feedback.

User Guide

Click here to download the user guide of this application. Please refer user guide if any ambiguities using the tool.

Future Enhancements

  • D6 Upgrade
  • UI Changes
  • New Features supporting D6
  • Lots of Administration utilities using JMX in D6

Open Source Initiative

After the Beta release improvements I am going to start an Open source project in Feel free to join and add your valuable thoughts to the application.


It would not have been possible without my friends support and appreciation. I also thank my beloved friends who were always discouraging me which made me to complete this challenge soon J

License Agreement

Free to use. In order to use this program, you must read and agree with this license agreement. No warranty. The software is licensed to you “as is” and without any warranty. If you do not agree with this agreement, please do not use this software.

Contact and Support

Don’t hesitate to shoot a mail if any queries,


19 Responses to “SivDM- Documentum Manager”

  1. Sunil Mudambi Says:

    Kudos ! Siva. Its an interesting tool. Let me know if I can join your team.


  2. sivdm Says:

    Sure Sunil. I am creating a group for this. I shall send you an invite soon

  3. Pramod Says:

    Hey me too want to join

  4. doquent Says:


    This is truly an amazing contribution!! More so if you have developed it just by yourself. It seems to provide most of the capabilities that I use for working with Documentum whether I am developing or troubleshooting.

    After a quick initial review, I have the following suggestions for improvement:
    1. Use all connection brokers present in dmcl.ini. Currently it seems to only use the primary one.
    2. I am not sure if it will list all the folder paths for an object if the object is linked to multiple folders (I haven’t tested this)
    3. The type hierarchy tree is really nice. It would be great if the user could selectively collapse subtrees. That will make it really easy to use when the tree is huge.

    Congratulations and thanks once again,

  5. SivDM - Really Handy Documentum Tool « Content Management etc. Says:

    […] is a lot more to this tool (named after the author) – SivDM-Document Manager. Give it a try and I am confident that you will find something in it that you would want to use. […]

  6. Daniel Says:

    Hi Siv,

    Thanks for sharing this and it look interesting for me. I was downloaded but when I try to execute on CS 5.3 SP5, it prompt me “Application Corrupted. Pls try to install again”. Anything I need to check before I execute it? Thks

  7. Joe Says:

    Hi Siv;

    Nice app. I can see it’ll be useful.

    Under Utilities->Folder Management, there doesn’t seem to be a way to show all folders. Your default view only shows non-private cabinets. As an administrator, I have to be able to see all cabinets.

  8. Joe Says:

    Hi Siv;

    The Cabinets vs Disk Space is a handy utility. I wonder, does it calculate the size of any renditions as well as the primary format?

  9. sivdm Says:

    Hi Joe,

    Good Catch. In the next version, I will add an option to show the private folders as well.

    Also the disk space is calculated for the primary rendition only. Will add that as well


  10. sivdm Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Check for DFC and Java are configured properly. Also if there is any change in the application folders/jars you will get that message.


  11. Ajith Prabhakar Says:

    Hi Siva .. its a good tool , added a direct link to your page from my blog 🙂

  12. Anand Says:

    I would like to join as well.

  13. Deepak Shivnani Says:

    Thanks for the tool.But somehow not able to download it.


  14. shiva Says:

    Hi Siva,

    Thanks for developing the great tool for Documetum administrators like me.
    I would request you to Please help me in integrating microsoft AD(LDAP) authentication with D6 which we are upgrading to.I’m have basic level of Documentum as administator & involved in this project to integrate AD & Documetum.
    It would be great if u can give me more information on this.

    Thanks in advance.


  15. Syed Says:

    What an awesome tool!!

  16. edison Says:

    This a great tool! Just wanted to know, when will you release the D6 upgrade? I hope it would be very soon, because we are using D6.


  17. Ramesh Says:

    I’d really like to join your effort when you start the port for D6. Drop a mail when you plan for it.

  18. nikithapriya Says:

    Hi Siv,

    This is just an awesome tool . G8 work. Cheers man !!!!!!!

  19. Sonu Says:

    Awesome !!! Best Wishes ………Sonu Rao

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