SivDM Beta Release

Dear Friends,


I am happy to release the Beta version of “SivDM -Documentum Manager“. Feel free to use it and let me know your valuable feedback.




18 Responses to “SivDM Beta Release”

  1. Mayank Says:


    First off, the tool looks very nice and helpful for documentum admin/developer. I have it installed and just testing it out. Here are 2 things I found and thought I would inform you so you may want to include it in future release or fix it.

    1) Upon logon failure the application throws the correct message but then it does not bring you back to login screen. In other words you have to relaunch the application to start login process.

    2) Under About->Application menu the about message box comes up but also a new e-mail is generated with your e-mail address in the “To” field with subject of Comment. I think this should be option instead of just forcing it. Possibly, including a button for comments that users can use to initiate the e-mail.

    Again, tool looks nice and very helpful. Keep up the good work.


  2. sivdm Says:

    Thanks Mayank. I will sure do that.

  3. Nagendra Revanth Says:

    Hi Siva,

    I have downloaded and used SivDM. I think you need to make some changes in UI. Scroll bar was not there to see all the attributes.we have to adjust the column everytime. And export to excel was very nice.

  4. dionrobin Says:

    Hi Siva,

    This tool is very helpful DCTM developer,this staisfies basic documentum utilities.
    The UI environment is too good and ease to use…!

    Hats Off…!

    Thanks and Regards

  5. sivdm Says:

    Dear Nagendra,

    Please specify the page/utility you get a UI issue. I will try to rectify that.


  6. Shreehari Says:


    Your application is simply amazing .. I really like your Utilities tab

    one suggestion,

    When i tried to send a mail using your send mail option , it was showing some error javax.mail.ConnectionException.. please check that ( my java version is 1.4.2_08 )

    anyway hats off to you for creating such a nice tool

  7. hemachandra Says:

    hi siva,
    im unable to download the tool that u have published. can u plz send us the clear links to download it

  8. sivdm Says:

    Hi Hemachandra,

    Installable and user guide are listed in the Links section in Home page.


  9. Jai Says:

    Hey man ,it was long due..The documentum talent is oozing out in this tool ,way to go.. You have really shown a single brain effort. Wait till the world gets ur framework.. great effort…now all good things said and done.. here goes the rough part.
    I am just adding a few findings,i think i am more waiting for it to be an open source ,so that i can do things that some people might not like but for it will be gooood to have . I think i have discussed some of them with you already 🙂 …
    DQL Analyser – if we double click on a query it should popup..

    may be u can highlight the type reference- hierarchy with different color (for some important object type)

    organization of attribute details that are shown ,may be add a filter to look for a particular attribute – its a long list 🙂

    column to display inherited attribute ?

    – Import Files – Label change is needed..
    – Importing option gives persistent object also in the list.

  10. sivdm Says:

    Hi Jai,

    Thanks for the suggestions. Will fix these in the next version


  11. Sumeet Anand Says:

    Good work!

    – Sumeet

  12. Sandip Moyal Says:

    HI Shiva,

    ShivDM tool is nicely designed I have few observations and queries
    1) I tried to run Folder Export on D6SP1 on P4 2 GB RAM machine…for 20MB folder size it took 20-25 mins do you have any benchmarking specs for performance
    2) Can perform scheduling of Import and Export lets say a Batch jobs
    3) Can we manage specific object level import / export e.g. specific custom object type along with OOTB object type

    In this case of particular object type have any relationships object that also should be exported / imported
    4) I never tried this ..can I use this tool for Migration from 5.2.5 to D6SP1
    5) Can I import / export AuditTrails
    6) Can I import / export eSigned Documents

    Please note that these are mere suggestions and it will be if we could get these things then it becomes end to end DM Tool

  13. Peter Says:

    I did not see any special installation instructions, just unzip. I get a dialog box saying ” java virtual machince launcher could find main class” when I click on the exe.

  14. friendlymahi Says:

    Hi Siv

    Ur creation is really wonderful. I’m not sure whether i’m using the latest version or not, but i found this issue, which may not be 4 every one, but is required for us. while retrieving version label, its fetching only the numeric argument but not the remaining ones. For e.g a doc has label 6.0,CURRENT,Effective. But in ur app it displays just 6.0. Can u fix this or is there a fix already available? Pls dont mind if i bother u..

    Urs mahi*

  15. Mukesh Says:

    Hi Siv,
    Nice work man.

    Mukesh Sharma

  16. Documentum4i Says:

    When the bulk export is used,all the folders and files created and modified dates are changed to the current date.
    Is there any way these files could retain the dates in the docbase after export?

    With bulk export is it possible to export only certain kinds(ex cad or pdf etc..) of files instead of all of them?


  17. Documentum4i Says:

    Hi Siv,
    Is there any way SivDm can export all versions of a file, instead of just the current version?


  18. Faisal Says:

    ausum Tool! I would be great if you also include restoring deleted documents in that tool since there is no built-in feature (like recyle bin) in documentum. Also it will be nice to have SivDm can export all versions of a file, instead of just the current version

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